Apr. 15, 2014

An aluminum memo re: what’s next

If the name PROXY has done its job, even if you haven’t read the mission statements and project goals, you might intuit that it wasn’t designed to be a neighborhood mainstay for decades to come. With a hard stop in December of 2020, the project timeline feels like working in architecture dog years. It will be sooner than we expect that vendors will be lifting their containers to greener pastures, leaving room for affordable housing in PROXY’s wake.

When architectural elements, usually thought to be permanent fixtures, are changing at a faster clip, it’s especially important to keep the neighborhood informed. Both PROXY and the City of San Francisco want to give local residents and visitors to PROXY a fairer shake than explaining away the abrupt disappearance of a local favorite with “Time was up! Didn’t you read our website?”.

Cue the aluminum sign that we commissioned, pictured above. It’s being installed at PROXY this week as a visual reminder that PROXY is on borrowed time, and we think that’s the best way to serve this corner in Hayes Valley.