Excited to be rolling out our second Kenyan coffee this week, this one from Alice and Julius Muriithi’s Alimu Estate. We got to meet the Muriithi family earlier this summer and Julius took us to several small plots, each of which is planted with a different variety. Seeing an entire section of SL-34 was very interesting! In conversation, Julius let us know that this was the first time In over 30 years as producers that they’ve met someone who buys their coffee. Though we’ve carried estate coffees from Kenya in the past, this will be the first year where we’re focusing all of our sourcing from Kenya on estate producers. The hope is to recreate the quality of relationships that we enjoy throughout Central and South America with producers in Kenya. First with the Kabatha and now with Alimu, we’re taking the steps to make our sourcing from Kenya more meaningful to the individual producers of these wonderful coffees. #ritualcoffeeroasters #kenya #alimuestate