Apr. 16, 2015

SFMTA Octavia Boulevard Design Open House

Octavia Boulevard is celebrating a decade of life in 2015. If you’re up on your Hayes Valley and PROXY history, then you know that Octavia Boulevard was created after the Central Freeway was torn down after a committed effort on the part of the then-nascent HVNA. With the freeway removed, the potential for green spaces like Patricia’s Green and urban experiments like PROXY was created.

Not all of the parcels along Octavia Boulevard have been developed, however, and the City of SF is “reviewing conditions and proposing solutions to keep people moving safely and to encourage a vibrant, sustainable streetscape.”

Stop by PROXY on Thursday, April 16th from 3pm-7pm to learn about and provide input on the ideas that have been laid out so far. Check out Hoodline for a nice summary of the plans that you can review if you can’t make the design open house.


For more information, contact: Casey Hildreth, Project Manager, SFMTA // 415.701.4817 // casey.hildreth@sfmta.org

Photo Credit: Matthew Millman