Apr. 27, 2014

Half Hitch Goods X Georgette Crimson Launch

The last time Half Hitch Goods rolled into PROXY, owner Carrie Caillouette was first struck by a bunch of motorcyclists gathered in front of Aether Apparel for the first monthly #AETHERmoto ride. The mass of leather-clad biker dudes parted like the Red Sea and Carrie pulled in, only then to be struck by a second observation: at a critical maneuvering juncture,  her truck wouldn’t go into reverse. Good-natured as always, Carrie pulled nose-in to a space and made needing a new transmission into a metaphor for moving forward and not looking back. We’re on board with that.

We’re happy to welcome Half Hitch Goods to PROXY again for the launch of Georgette Crimson, an eclectic womenswear label “built on the everyday curiosities and little inspirations we stumble upon”.  The Rolling Shoppe will be parked at PROXY from 11am to 5pm.

Photo credit © Georgette Crimson