Oct. 7, 2016

Fall Film Festival: Morris From America

Friday, October 7

Morris From America
Directed by Chad Hartigan, 2016 [R]
Sundance 2016 Awards for Screenwriting and Acting

Morris is 13, chubby, and loves the Notorious B.I.G. His single dad (Craig Robinson) just uprooted him from Brooklyn to move to Heidelberg, Germany. As an African-American teenager who likes to spit rhymes and freestyle, he’s a fish-out-of-water, adrift in a very white, very foreign new home. When he meets a beautiful and rebellious girl named Katrin, he instantly falls in love and she challenges him to come out of his shell. As Morris rides a roller-coaster of emotions, the film captures a heartwarming and disarmingly honest look at adolescence, acceptance, and father-son relationships — and the film achieves the rare feat of being both poignant and hilariously entertaining.

Featuring a breakout appearance by Markees Christmas, and an incredibly touching and nuanced performance by Craig Robinson, who has been receiving tremendous praise for his first dramatic role.