Does your gym have a view like this? Come join us outside, everyday of the week. Full class schedule available via our website at We’re back at @proxysf today at Noon & tomorrow and Friday at Palace of Fine Arts (6 & 7am). Thanks also to some new followers! We’d love to have you out for an intro class to check out @basictrainingsf ! Email: info @brybry808 @ilovetoshare @riccas @aquamotive @kirileigh7 @gadgetbox @mcomas @roinsm @watsoncoleman @jileann @franvalar @sfmaymay @elidacarbajal @bsoch @gibilicious @mjnnikki @denisedunning @soulathlete @mmmmmmgood42 @psterios @rnewmann99 @laets_do_this @jjeongsam @adr555 @namiranonie @leah_karin @verobarnola @betadraconis @ffcrenwife @argentdulce @klw008 thx front