What can’t be said of Jeremy Kantor? For 3.5yrs this incredible man, and now Coffee Educator @Ritualvalencia, has been serving coffee at our cafes. Most people know about his incredible collection of shoes, but few are aware that his grandfather was the creator of the White Marigold flower. That’s right – ask him about it! His favorite experience working at Ritual involved a series of instances in which he was able to meet individuals in their homes to train them on their personal espresso machines. He had this to say about it, “I got to give people a glimpse of how scientifically we brew our coffee. It can be really easy to make good coffee at home, even if you don’t have the best equipment, as long as you take a second to look at it somewhat scientifically.” He’s just that kind of guy – an educator at heart. #baristaspotlight #whitemarigold #coffeeEducator #specialtycoffee