Today @7x7sf culture editor @brockkeeling reviewed our juice cleanse. The results: Taste: 5/5 Ease: 4/5 Customer service: 5/5 Comments: “I’ve always been a fan of The Juice Shop, but what drew me to them for my very first cleanse was their straightforward approach. No wellness spa-like gobbledygook. No flowery holistic language. I chose a three-day cleanse, which consisted of six bottles of juice and two vials of aloe and blue-green algae per day. This was far easier than I had imagined (feared?) and the juices were uniformly delicious. My favorite was the Almond Drink. Not only did it curb my hunger, but, during weaker moments of carb craving, I imagined poring it over a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.”