Apr. 29, 2014

To PROXY or Bust

Yesterday, envelope A+D’s stint as a fabrication yard ended as the Juice Box for Juice Shop was packaged, forklifted and trucked to its new home at PROXY. Though the trip across the Bay Bridge was potentially harrowing, the job went off without a hitch—perhaps because the build crew was so balanced and zen? This video of eAD freelancerTommy mindfully wrapping the box in plastic wrap is perfect for your next desk-side meditation session (bonus points for willing yourself to ignore the vertical video format).

UPDATE: now with more videos, including the crowning moment of the Juice Box rolling down Octavia Street with PROXY in its sights.

Plenty of crowd-sourced photos of the moving spectacle from the eAD staff are below as well.

meditative wrapping from PROXY SF on Vimeo.

meditative wrapping pt. 2 from PROXY SF on Vimeo.

Juice Box rolls into PROXY from PROXY SF on Vimeo.