Nov. 8, 2022

People of PROXY

PROXY started a decade ago with a vision of reinstating truly public spaces into urban life as a space where people can share experiences and create bonds that foster community cohesiveness. As the neighborhood transitioned from a freeway underpass to a vibrant center of social connection and commerce, we listened to these changing needs and desires, adapting and also questioning.

People of PROXY is a series about the vendors, neighbors, and community that believed in the original vision of this space and come together every day to make PROXY the unique public place it is today. This bimonthly series will discuss what originally drew them to the site, what the space and community have meant to them, and their hopes and vision for the future.

As we look to the future of the site and its eventual development into affordable housing, we hope that we continue to give the neighborhood residents a sense of agency to shape its next iteration and that they will have gotten some inspiration from PROXY’s short inhabitation of this small corner of the world.



MaryMar Keenan – MMclay

Ngoc Luong – TERRAVITA Plants

Yotam Israeli – LUXFit