Apr. 9, 2014

It’s no Kool-Aid pitcher, but this Juice Box has reclaimed wood

For the past few months, two spots in envelope a+d‘s parking lot have been converted to an ad hoc fabrication yard to build Juice Shop‘s Juice Box, set to open at PROXY sometime this spring. 

envelope a+d is committed to closing the design loop by fabricating a lot of their designs in-house—they have a full-time furniture designer and fabricator on staff. By keeping things in the firm, envelope’s designers are able to see a project through from its inception to its completion. The vertical integration of the design/build process allows envelope’s designers and architects to more fully understand how their concepts perform in the real world, giving them more control over the final quality of the product and allowing for them to participate in a more iterative design process.

The Juice Box is also remarkable because it will be the first temporary, deployable structure at PROXY that isn’t a modified shipping container. The 10’x8′ cube is clad with exterior reclaimed redwood siding and a steel door, also clad in redwood, opens up to reveal interior hickory facing and custom cabinets. The box sits on top of a metal pallet that will make it possible for the whole kit and kaboodle to traverse the Bay Bridge by truck on its way to PROXY (and beyond).

Take a look at photos of the construction below.