Mar. 24, 2014

Photos of PROXY: Aether Apparel

Aether Apparel specializes in design-conscious technical outerwear that not only looks good waiting in line at Biergarten but performs when you’re backpacking in the Sierras. When they became the retail anchor at PROXY, we knew we needed to capture Aether’s urban adventurer ethos for their first stand-alone store.

We stacked and staggered three 40’ shipping containers to craft a striking urban edge rising straight out of the asphalt. The second level glass-encased cantilevered storefront juts out over the sidewalk on Hayes and lends a little bit of danger to the lounge area. To accommodate more storage in the tall and narrow space, we installed a custom vertical dry-cleaning conveyor belt system that also functions as front of house display.

So how did shipping containers become Aether Apparel’s sophisticated showroom? The photos below pull back the curtain on how it all came together.


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