Nov. 19, 2016

Day of Art + Activism with Lava Mae

Lava Mae “Goes Big” for World Toilet Day 2016 with Giant Toilet Art Installation

Nonprofit Known for Innovating Mobile Hygiene for the Homeless Stages Day of Art + Activism to Raise Awareness About Staggering Lack of Access to Sanitation Across U.S. and in San Francisco

On Saturday, November 19, as cities across the globe mark World Toilet Day 2016, San Francisco-based nonprofit Lava Mae is “going big” by staging a 14’ x 14” x 10′ Giant Tent Toilet art installation piece to call attention to the eye-opening lack of access to toilets for individuals around the world, across the U.S., and throughout San Francisco:

– 2.5 billion people around the globe lack access to safe, reliable sanitation.

– 1.5 million Americans lack access to full indoor plumbing.

– In San Francisco alone, more than 7,500 individuals experiencing homelessness lack access to restrooms and basic sanitation.

To raise awareness, spark discussion, and spur action, Lava Mae is hosting World Toilet Day 2016 from 10am to 3pm at PROXY SF, featuring an interactive day of art + activism designed to surprise, educate, and inspire adults and kids of all ages. Activities include:

 – An eye-opening, interactive art installation featuring a 14’ x 14” x 10′ Giant Tent Toilet, plus accompanying toilet paper holder.

– Student writing activities led by 826 Valencia (think: Poop Haikus!).

– Tours of Lava Mae’s well-known and highly visible mobile hygiene Blue Bus.

– “Learn More & Take Action” stations to advocate for increased access to basic sanitation and hygiene for all.

 The Giant Tent Toilet was created by world-renowned artist Robin Lasserwho is widely-known for her interactive artworks and Tent Dress series, in collaboration with fashion designer Rachel Richardson and plumber/craftsman Sean Collins. 

 As viewers step inside the Tent Toilet interior, they will see blue swirls of water, and hear accompanying audio of flushing sounds. The soundtrack will also include short reflections and stories from Lava Mae’s homeless guests, discussing the daily challenges of accessing sanitation and maintaining a sense of dignity.  

“Lava Mae believes that hygiene is a basic human right and that everyone, everywhere should have access to clean, safe, and reliable sanitation,” said Lava Mae Founder & CEO Doniece Sandoval. “We encourage anyone who shares this belief to help advocate and work for dramatically increasing the availability of restrooms and resources for essential hygiene in their communities on World Toilet Day and every day.”

 About Lava Mae

Lava Mae is taking “radical hospitality” to the street by bringing humanity, innovation, and collaboration to the way services are provided to those experiencing homelessness.  Founded in San Francisco in 2013, Lava Mae began by converting public transportation buses into showers and toilets on wheels to deliver hygiene and rekindle dignity. To-date, Lava Mae has touched the lives of 2,400 individuals who have taken 14,000+ showers on our mobile units, inspired replication of our hygiene services, and dramatically raised awareness about the lack of access to showers and basic hygiene across the U.S. and around the globe. For more information, please visit, and connect with the Lava Mae community on Facebook and Twitter.